A Catalogue of Dedicated Benches

Whilst wandering around Christchurch Park in Ipswich, Suffolk I noticed that around 2/3rds of the wooden benches were inscribed as a memorial to some one or an event - so I have decided to photograph and catalogue them- and perhaps find out a bit more about the people and history of Ipswich along the way!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A walk in the Park......

Yesterday I went for a brisk walk around Christchuch Park and noticed that many benches were dedicated to people, so today I decided to make a blog all about the benches and see if I could find out more about the people or events that were being commemorated in Ipswich's best park. 

This is going to be number 22 in my 50/50 Challenges - 50 new things to do whilst I am 50. You can read more about this on my other blog here.

I entered at the Park Road entrance and the first bench I came across was this one

It is dedicated to Tina, Sophie, Rudy and Tani who loved this park - and I am guessing that they were not people but dogs!  Still, its a lovely way to remember them and  it is in an area that is still popular with all the dog walkers.

Nearby was this bench with Norman George Thurston 1925-2007 - who enjoyed this park. So a bench seems very appropriate for him.

This one is a bit more mysterious - it just has For our friend Lisa - if you know who she was and why there is a bench for her, please contact me, I would love to know that it has't got her full name!

the final one is on a plastic moulded bench not a wooden one - the small brass plaque reads Richard S Markham 11.7.28 - 28.8.93 at peace in the park

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