A Catalogue of Dedicated Benches

Whilst wandering around Christchurch Park in Ipswich, Suffolk I noticed that around 2/3rds of the wooden benches were inscribed as a memorial to some one or an event - so I have decided to photograph and catalogue them- and perhaps find out a bit more about the people and history of Ipswich along the way!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

A catch up and a missing bench

There are still several areas of Christchurch Park that I haven't yet documented and I decided I need to map those benches that I have already blogged about, to make it easier to find them.

So, I set off this morning to start the mapping and found a new bench next to the very first ones that I blogged about. There is a new bench dedicated to Stephanie Thurston (1929-2015) next to a bench for Norman Thurston - so I am guessing they are husband and wife

I also found a bench near the Henley Road entrance that I had missed before - It was provided by the Ipswich Horticultural Society in 1988

There was also another new bench in the Henley Road part - this time near the link to the bridal path
It is just engraved with the name Edward Croome - he died at the relatively young age of 47 and there are some lovely tributes here.

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